Tuesday, November 23, 2010

UPDATED Course Map!

Don't stress... just a few minor changes to the original course after spending the weekend at the course doing some maintenance and doing a final run thru with the City of NV parks department. The changes will allow for more natural flow to the course and make for a faster lap time.

Monday, November 22, 2010


The race schedule is slightly different than the rest of the BC Cup Cyclo-cross races so far this year. PLEASE TAKE NOTE SO THAT YOU DO NOT MISS YOUR START TIME!

10:00AM Citizen Open / Junior women 17-18 / U17 boys/girls: 30 minute race

11:00AM Master Men 50+ / Master Women 30+ / Junior Men: 40 minute race

12:00PM Master Men 30-39 / Master Men 40-49: 45 minute race

1:00PM Elite Men 19-29: 60minute race / Elite Women 19-29: 45 minute race

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Course map, news and notes, important things to know...

Ok, I am now at 12 hours total of raking leaves on the course and have the blisters to show for it and I cannot lift my left arm over my head... If you are out at Mahon Park over the coming days, you will see my handy work on getting the course ready. If you are pre-riding and you see some dog walkers or soccer parents, please be respectful and slow down so that we do not get any complaints.

Course Map - Speaking of course, here is a rough drawing outline of what you can expect course wise. The big green squiggly thing is the 'flyover'. yeah... you read that right. I will ride the course with my Garmin this weekend and post a profile here on this site. You can expect a mostly flat, fast course but also one that requires good bike handling skills and some of that end of season fitness you know you have in you...

Some important things you should know about Mahon Park. There are SHOWERS AND CHANGE ROOMS and they are HEATED. Last year, only a handful of people took advange of them, so please use them this time around. Plus, the local neighbors don't want to see your bare ass on a Sunday morning getting changed.

BATHROOMS - we have two sets of bathrooms on hand at Mahon Park. DO NOT let me catch you relieving yourself on the park grounds. You will ruin it for everyone if we are not invited back.

Tech Zone/Soccer infield - once again this year I would appreciate it if you are bringing a shop tent or your own 10 x 10 warm up tent, I would like you to set up in the same area on the soccer infield. The racers will be heading thru this area after the flyover and crossing over the barriers. The goal is to create a sort of "guantlet" for all of the racers to ride thru so please set up along both sides of the course in this area. DO NOT set up out of the trunk of your car... There will be some tents already set up in this area when you arrive so you'll know exactly what I am talking about and just follow the lead. Plus, if you arrive early enough, you can unload your car and all of your goods there - However, you cannot park your car on the soccer infield.

Pedro's Neutral Support - Jason Louden from Pedros will be on hand providing neutral tech support to all racers who need some mechanical assistance with their bike prior to racing or are in need of some Pedros chain lube. Stop by and say hello and get some harrassment from him...

Bike Wash - yes, a real bike wash... there will be a hose on hand and available right by the change rooms. (same place as last year). Be courteous as there is only one hose...

REGISTRATION - Will be in the same place as last year - the Horseshoe Club which is located at the rear of the park, behind the main concrete bleachers. It is heated, has power, will be serving fresh Kicking Horse Coffee all day and will be where you need to pick up your race number and swag kit upon signing in.

Awards - ALL awards will happen 30 minutes after the 1:00pm races. If for whatever reason you cannot be there for the awards, please let me know immediately following your race and I will accomdate your needs as much as possible. If you do not let me know, and you have placed in the top 3 for your category, I will consider your prize a draw prize for someone else to win at that point. The awards will once again take place under the covering at the Horseshoe Club.

BBQ - Dont hold me to this just yet... But I am trying to piece together a BBQ to really wrap things up properly. You can all really help with this by PRE REGISTERING!!!

Volunteers - If you would like to volunteer to help out with the race in any capacity, I would love it. Please drop me an email: kcalhoun@cycleslambert.com. You will be compensated for your time with something bike related and a huge amount of good karma.
Stay tuned for more leading up to the race. Next up, the hay bales purchase...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Registration NOW OPEN!

Online registration with Cycling BC is now open. $25 pre reg fee or $30 day of reg fee. Save time and help me the organizer = PRE REGISTER!

yeah... they might be there.

I know for sure one half of the Single Speed CX World Champion tandem will be there from the Island, the question is, will Wendy...?


Check out this awesome preview video Jeremy Sayers has put together for Provincials: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tl-2Hxr-Hc

If this doesn't get you motivated, yoiu're in the wrong sport... :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We are GOOD TO GO!

We're all set to go. Met with the City of NV and got the thumbs up/green light, signed the contract for the park usage for the day and the rest... well, it will all happen on Sunday November 28th at Mahon Park in North Vancouver... Some little bits of insight into this years race: expect a longer lap than last year by approx 1 minute, plan on riding more of the soccer infield with a nice - super sweet 'fly over' soon to be constructed and installed for the race for your riding pleasure... think Euro style, but cooler... (no more cobbled rock like last year). we will also be adding some more grass section behind the stadium for you to master your high speed cornering skills... what else...? well, all of our great sponsors are back again this year too!
Rocky Mountain Bicycles (will be donating a frame/fork to a lucky draw prize winner!)
Maxxis tires
Kicking Horse Coffee (will be brewing for you hot and fresh from 8 in the morning onwad for all spectators and participants)
Honey Stinger
Different Bikes
Pedros (Jason will be on hand doing neutral bike support for all racers - free!)
GORE Ride On Cables
etc etc etc... with lots more to come. Bottom line, it will quite simply be the best damn cross race all year long - that's why it is Provincials! get your training on or in gear and show up prepared to smile lots and suffer with every one else. we are going to have a lot of FUN!

stay tuned for more and more updates every few days as I update this page... Online registration, race poster, course snap shots etc etc etc all coming up...